The trees on the mountains are cold and bare

;) – The summer jus’ vanished and left them there

yeah, I know.

Facebook ate my life. I think its under control now, I think.

I made some stuff

Those are for the ornaments swap that I did this year. Today I’m making the girls annual holiday jammies with the added bonus of bathrobes.

I have made tons more stuff but I won’t bore you with a list of all of it, just go check out my flickr pics.

Back to cutting and sewing now. You’ll see more of me in the days to come :)


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5 responses

  1. “Facebook ate my life.”

    I’ve been having similar problems…between Facebook and WoW, I can be distracted for hours.

    Hey, there’s a ladybug on my keyboard. I’ll take that as a sign to get off the computer. No bug-squishing.

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