Think about the days of me and you

;) – Then remembering will have to do

(thanks for the music today Ma. All I need is another excuse to cry in the middle of the day)

I finished up a big project today.


Perty idn’t she. This is the sample blanket for the crochet block of the month class I’m teaching from July – June of next year at Webs. Once I really sat down to work on it things moved along pretty quickly.


There are detail shots of the squares on my flickr page.

Its pizza night and I have a basket full of laundry to fold and I still have to go pick the Hubby up from work. Have a great weekend, chickadees!


UPDATE! 11/4/12

Since so many people contact me about this blanket, I thought I’d update this post with the details.

I used Jan Eatons 200 crochet  blocks

I made 13 of the Traditional Granny blocks #18
and one each of the following squares:
#20 Colorful Bobbles
#22 St. Petersburg
#30 Shell lace
#38 Dahlia
#39 Gavin’s Stripes
#71 Star Flower
#74 Seville
#76 Granny Stripes
#95 Kingcup
#145 Chocolate Box
#161 Daisy Chain
#189 Willow

Using Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky:

2 skeins Orange, 2 skeins Red, 3 skeins Royal, 3 skeins Gold, 3 skeins Fuschia, and 5 skeins of Lime. The blocks were all joined together as I added the last round on the granny blocks.

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24 responses

  1. I LOVE THIS! The colors are right up my alley. Maybe when I’m rich I can hire you to make one for me. It’s perfect Sara! In fact, ‘m going to print it out and hang it on my inspiration wire.

  2. Hey, found you by accident. I have 2-4 crocheting homeschool kids (the boys are sometimes interested, the girls always). I’ve got to show them these pix.

    I’m curious about the square with the pom-pom thingies. How do you do those?

    Love the knitting chicken fabric in the Mar 26 post. So cool.

  3. What a fun project! Colorful, accessible, and each block a challege. Your students will surely enjoy! You just keep inspiring me – I can imagine a variation of this using crochet cottons.

    Have a wonderful week. Spring is coming (and daffodils in my back yard!)

  4. This is absoultely amazing. I have a teenage daughter that would freak out if she could see the beautiful bright colours.Which patterns did you use for the different blocks?

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    • I too, would love to take this class online.??? Seems like a great idea to me..and a little money maker to boot. vbg..let us know,,

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