I am not in love, but I’m open to persuasion…


He’s such a good hubby. He remembered.

Chapter one: A Hanging in Eden

whisky -3, wee-1, ye – 21, dinna – 6, Sassenach - 6, expressive Gaelic phrases - 5, aye - 8, bonny – 1, laddie – 1, ken – 5, scairt – 1, verra – 1, and various wilnas, didnas, cannas, havenas and wi’s.

The bank of mid 18th century Scottich colloquialisms is full and I’m ready to cash a few checks.

I did a bit of weeding today, cleaning up a bit of one of my flower beds, watered my seedlings, finalized my garden plot plan. Hopefully Pat and I will be working in the garden all day tomorrow after the kids leave to spend the weekend with grandparents. I cut away some of last years dead flower cones from my lilac today and saw the new ones poking out, so pretty and petite. Garden pics tomorrow and maybe sock pics as well.


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