She doesn’t care whether or not he’s an island…

 This is my friend Matt and that is what is left of his cardboard fence.


Idn’t he adorable! The local paper did a piece on him here.
He really is one of the best 22 year-olds I have met in a long time. He’s sweet, funny, polite, an artist, rides a motor cycle, doesn’t mind working with kids and is super cute ta boot!
We work together, yes he drives a school bus, and he’s an art major at UMass.
He has an art exhibit on campus in Dec that will feature pictures and film of his fence breaking down and a couple other elements expressing the impermanence of art. I have astronomy that night so I’ll probably pop in before class begins. I’ll try to get pics for you.
I am constantly amazed by the people I meet in this world.

I could say more but Patrick just made caramel corn and it smells overwhelmingly Delicious! I must go have some.


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